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The songs on this page are  partial songs off each of the albums.  Soon, we will have links to all the songs to purchase the full albums, or single songs.  Please check back soon, and we should have this resolved.  Thank you for your patience.

The DAX Equation  (Progressive Rock/Metal)  off the album  "Untitled"

- Dino is playing drums on this album


Sanity's Edge  (Heavy-Progressive-Metal)  off the album  "SEEP 1"

- Dino is playing drums, bass guitar, backing vocals, and screams on album


Of David  (Christian Rock)  off the album  "To Whom It May Concern"

Dino was playing drums, bass guitar, background vocals & screams on the album. Dino left the band mid 2012. There were only 2 songs left to record when the separation happened. These are all the tracks recorded before the band started to re record the full album.  "I hope you enjoy them as they are tracks that won't be on disc"...

Iambic Pulse  (Progressive-Melodic Metal)  off the album  "Escape From Nowhere"

Red Star Revolt  (Progressive Alternative Rock)  off the album  "Red Star Revolt"

MindSongs  (Progressive Rock)  off the album "A Work In Progress 2005"

Bassist "Grandon Westlund"  (Rock)  off the album "Basket Case" 

Progression X Jazz  (Jazz)  off the album "Promo Disc"

Hellstrum  (Thrash Metal)  off the album "Cronicles III"

The Joe Kissack Band  (Country)  off the album  "Country Glue"

11th Hour  (Alternative Rock) off the album "Say Something To The World"

Generations Jazz Trio  (Contemporary Jazz) off the album "A Change Of Seasons" 

Second Wind (Progressive Christian Rock) off the albums "A Work In Progress 2004 and 2005"

  • God Is Who Decides - partial

  • Grave Digger - partial

  • Things Don't Change - partial

The 5280  (Grunge Rock) off the album "A Work In Progress 2005"

  • Bottled - partial
  • Fire and Shadows - partial
  • Devil In Disguise - partial

Fire Sign (Female Vocal Rock) off the album "Hades Cafe"

  • Oasis - partial

  • Born to Die - partial

  • Hades Cafe - partial

  • Blue - partial

  • Wish It Away - partial

  • Sisters Grey - partial

  • Man Of Fire - partial

  • The Fallen - partial

  • Storm Cloud - partial

  • Listen - partial

Guitarist "Billy Austin"  (Rock)  off the album "Boys Night Out"

  • Being Recorded at present - partial

Watchmen (Film Score Music)  off the album "Watchmen's Journey"

  • Ultimate - partial
  • Nice and Easy - partial

Blues Planet (Rhythm and Blues)  off the album "Teddy's Got The Blues"

  • Teddy's Got The Blues - partial

  • The Comeback - partial

  • Hurry Up And Wait - partial

  • So Little Time - partial

  • Say It Isn't So - partial

  • Hand My Heart To You - partial



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