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On this page you will find many different services that Dino offers to people.  I don't have a lot of extra time on my hands since I am the type of individual that has to do a lot of different things.  I love to teach aspiring  drummers how to play.  I truly love to be on a large stage playing for as many people as possible, or be in the recording studio laying down some new drum tracks for an album.  Life is too short to not try as many things as possible. 

Drum Instruction
These books are an aggressive approach to drum instruction.  After only 2 years working from these books, students have gone from not being able to hold the drum sticks correctly, to playing professionally with bands.  Dino says "I would rather see my students learn to play in a short time then to charge them year after year for the sake of my own pocket book".
Project Work 
Dino works on many recording projects and is well versed in (Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Country, Metal, Alternative, Progressive Rock, R&B, Blues) and always welcomes new musical challenges.
Live Work
Playing for people is the biggest bonus to being a musician, as playing live makes all the endless hours and months in the recording studio worth it all.  The energy from a crowd makes you play on an edge of your ability.  
Web Site Designing and Hosting service 
Designing web sites is another service that Dino offers for a reasonable price.  With hosting services that are affordable.  Custom web designing is only a click away.
Dino has taken part in producing over 12 albums, with keeping an open ear to what the musicians are trying to get out of there music.  
Engineering a project takes determination and to be patient as there is much that can be overlooked during the recording process.  "I have made enough mistakes recording over the years to say that I have it down to a science by now.  Its not just a matter of pushing a few knobs to make a project roll smoothly".


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