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2013 Press

February 2013

[New!]Sanity's Edge, the metal band Dino plays with, is turning up the heat on the "Reformation" album. They are presently recording track 9 "Fallin Awake", and Dino is preparing to lay down drum tracks on the next song on the assembly line "Reformation", the title track from the album.  There will be 13 songs on the full CD.  You can currently buy "5.5 To Life" on itunes and Amazon for $.99 a small price to pay for some face melting metal... \m/ \m/

March 2013

[New!]Generations Jazz Trio, the jazz trio Dino plays with, is preparing to get back in the studio with the new pianist "DeLoy Goeglein".  The trio is deciding which songs to lay down on the album, by seeing the crowd response.  They should be tracking very soon, so check the Generations website and you might recognize a song or two...




2012 Press

December 22nd 2012

Sanity's Edge tore the roof off the Gothic Theatre!!!

Sanity's Edge live @ The Gothic Theatre on Saturday December 22nd, for the Nightmare Before X-Mas lll 2012 Show. We wanted to thank all you EdgeHeads for supporting us for the last performance of the year. 2013 is going to be crazy busy for the band, as they are already booked for January 31st at the Roxy Theater. We know that we said we were going to take January off to finish recording the album, But we can't say no to playing for our awesome fans...

Thanks again EdgeHeads, you are awesome!!!

Check out the Video to the right --------->



November 2012

Dino two drum instructional books were released to the public, "Progressive Drum Method Vol. I" for beginner to intermediate level drummers, and "Progressive Drum Method Vol. II", for intermediate to advanced skilled drummers.  Check out both books books by clicking here.


February 2012

One of Dino's other projects Generations Jazz Trio, or simply put "The Most Exceptional Jazz Around". The make-up of this jazz trio is unique as they are all educated in various types of music and are able to adapt to different types of venues, from large show's to small intimate settings. The band's versatility shows in all the performances they have given. In 2012 the trio made a change in the lineup and brought in a new member.  Singer Marianne Finch, and Dino auditioned many pianists and finally met DeLoy Goeglein, who has proven to be a great new addition to the trio.  Generations Jazz Trio is back in full swing playing shows, and is getting ready to lay down some new tracks in Snoasis Records Recording Studio, and should have some new tracks up on the www.generationsjazztrio.com website soon.




2011 Press

December 2011

Dino auditioned for Sanity's Edge a face melting American metal band!!!

The concept or meaning of Sanity's Edge is based upon the everyday judgments and decisions we make that separate the average, or normal and the maniacal. The split second impulses we either fight off or relent to - the thin line we balance on called Sanity's Edge. Sanity's Edge has been performing an unequaled blend of influences in the Denver metal scene since 2008. Combining solid driving rhythms with searing melodic riffs, vicious screams with powerful vocals. Creating what has been called a harmonic brutality.




2010 Press

February 2010

Dino's Iambic Pulse project is back on the burner

That's right, the Iambic Pulse project titled Escape From Nowhere switched into high gear on Saturday January 9th 2010, as guitarist John Castro stepping into the Snoasis Records Recording Studio to lay down some killer lead guitar tracks for the album.  John Castro has been on albums with "Ivan Moody" Singer of Five Finger Death Punch.  The songs John will be recording on are:  I Will Never Be Free, Pre Marital Bliss, Behind The Veil, and PTSD.  The release date has not been given yet, so check back for further updates as to when you can get your hands on a copy...




2009 Press

October 2009

Dino released his first full length DVD "Shredding The Skins".

Dino's new drum instructional dvd "Shredding The Skins" is jam packed with drum solos, fill combos, double kick warm ups, 4 way independence exercises, music video's, interviews, and even some bloopers!!!  The DVD is 2 hours 40 minutes long, and is laid out in a way that you can easily find what you want to watch.  Below, you can view portions of what you will find in the DVD.  Click on this link  or the cover to the right, and you will be directed to a page where you can view its full contents and purchase this awesome tool for drumming.

Dino is in the studio mixing 5 songs off the "Revvise"  project.  Rex Salter, guitarist for the band Of David is Co-Producing with Dino.  Dino recorded drum tracks on the album


Dino had stop working on the "Basket Case" and "Boys Night Out" project's this year because he was simply too busy...  He does plan to get started back up on both projects in the future, but for now you can enjoy listening to some of the tracks off each album on the music page.  


2008 Press

December 2008

The Band Red Star Revolt The album "Red Star Revolt" released October 2008 

Dino finished recording drum tracks for the band "Red Star Revolt" on the latest album titled "Red Star Revolt".  This is a progressive alternative rock band out of Colorado.  The band gets its influence from 70's alternative Rock.  The music is alternative in nature, but Dino's progressive drumming style has brought a 2013 feel to this 3 piece band.  Red Star Revolt consists of Darren Jacobson on guitars and keyboards, Aaron Nava on bass guitar and lead vocals.  There are 13 powerful tracks on this album that you should add to your music collection.  You can listen to some snippets on the MUSIC page to wet your whistle.   Purchase the CD directly from this site.




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