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Let me introduce myself !

My name is Dino Cuneo founder of the Mile High Music Academy.   I have a different way of teaching than most of the drum academy's that you might have used or are still enrolled with.  I have a more aggressive approach to teaching, hence why my students become professional musicians faster than normal instruction.  I teach theory and  rudiments after the student has a good foundation and rhythm for the drums.   Most programs focus too much on rolls etc.  They come later on as a natural progression to learning the full drum kit.  I have written and published two drum instructional books that I teach from which include (rock, jazz, reggae, metal, country, hip hop, grunge, thrash metal) and more.  On this page I have briefly outlined my method of instruction so you might have a better understanding for how I teach.  There are also links to what my students have to say about my method of instruction, letters of recommendation, and official endorsements.  I sincerely look foreword to helping you become the drummer you always dreamed of becoming.  If you don't have a drum set, I have rental kit's.  If you purchased one from Drum City Guitar Land, I will drive to your home and help you set the drum kit up, and give a lesson for 1/2 the price of a single lesson... 

 First    I come to your home and instruct you on your own drums, which is nice because the first lesson I help you to set up the kit in a manner that will better suit your needs as a drummer, and not some drum kit that is being played by 100 or more students.

Second   I usually sit down at the kit after I have set it up properly and tuned it as each week I do "until you have learned the does and don'ts of tuning".  I then jam on them for a bit because when I sit down at a set of drums I can't let them go without playing them, a little weakness I guess I have... by then the student is pumped, and ready to get started...

Now for the method of instruction!

    Since 1995 I have been teaching this method of instruction to my students and it has proven to work.  In less than 3 years I have taught beginner students that could barely play one beat, and gone through my coarse of drum instruction and have become  professional drummers playing with bands, and they still continue to have me teach them year after year, so they must be getting something useful out of my method.  I have two drum instructional Books that are published, and have two more in publication.  I have recorded a large database of drum beats, fills and combo's.  I sit down at your drums and play each beat and explain how to read the sheet music.  After that the student sits down and goes to work.  Once I know what level you are at, it gives me a better understanding of where to start.  Now the twist... Along with the  two books I have a DVD that breaks down the lessons so you can see first hand how each fill combo is played.  As the student progresses I teach (Rock, Jazz, Punk,  Latin, Reggae, 50's, Shuffles, Sambas, Bossa Nova's, Rap, Double Bass, Heavy Metal, and the list goes on and on...   This is an affordable "Win - Win" situation, so if you are in Colorado E-mail me right away to get started at: cuneoproductions@msn.com or call 303-941-3179 and get started on this innovative method of learning today.  

Drum Lesson Prices       "Get a FREE lesson from Dino"

Key benefits of my method of instruction!

  • Benefit 1-  Being taught on your own drums is much more comfortable for the student as he or she has there drums set up in a manner that suites them and not 100 other students.
  • Benefit 2 - Each week I tune your drums so that eventually you will learn how to do it yourself.
  • Benefit 3 - You don't have to take extra time out of your day to drive to a lesson.  I Travel To You

Progressive Drum Method Vol. # 1    Beginner to Intermediate  Book

Progressive Drum Method Vol. # 2    Intermediate to Advanced Book

Drum Lesson Prices  This link will take you to Mile High Music Academy's price sheet

Letters Of Recommendation  Read about what parents and students say about Dino's method of teaching.

Dino's Bio and Discography  

Official Endorsements



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